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2022 Branch Officer elections

Are you willing to serve?

In order to run for election in November of 2022 you must be a member in good standing as of May 1st, with your membership dues paid up.  If you have even a single day of lapsed membership from May 1st to the election in November, you will be ineligible to run. 

If you think you might run, check your membership card; if the Expiration Date is coming up, renew now!  Whatever the date may be, please make a mental note to renew before then, if you think you might run.  If you have inquiries about membership, view our membership page, or reach out to our Membership Chair or Branch Secretary.

See FAQ and Election Procedure Manual

See FAQ and Election Procedure Manual

See FAQ and Election Procedure Manual

See FAQ and Election Procedure Manual

See FAQ and Election Procedure Manual

All newly elected Executive Board Members will begin their new terms on January 1, 2024. Their induction date is TBD. 

Helpful Resources

The following is a synopsis of the roles and responsibilities of our Leadership. To view bylaws of responsibilities in full detail, please  click, Executive Officers or Committee Chairs

President: Presides over all meetings and is the Chair of the Executive Committee. Exercises general authority on behalf of the Branch.

Secretary: Gives notice of all meetings. Maintains and modifies Membership and Meeting Minute records. Liaison between communication from President and General Membership, as well as between Nationals and General Membership.

Vice President: Performs all duties as the President in the event of the President’s absence or removal.

Treasurer: Branch’s Chief Financial Officer. Receives all money and promptly deposits to the Unit account. Chairs the Financial Committee. Remits funds to Nationals as necessary. Responsible for all financial reports.

Assistant Executive Members: Perform all duties if the principal is absent or has been removed. Supplements all responsibilities of principal member.

Executive Committee Duties: Has general control of affairs and programs of the Unit. Shall render a monthly report of all activities and events per committee. Create special events for community and civic engagement. Will fill in vacancies of Executive Committee or Chairs as necessary.

Candidate Consent Form

*Be advised, the Executive Leadership Training has to be completed by May 31, 2024.