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membership is power

membership is our lifeblood

We're still Fighting

In Douglas and Paulding counties, we are continuing to fight together to win many of the freedoms and equalities that we had long been denied. But the times ahead are just as critical as the decades past.


We need your renewal membership to fight the racial disparities that are still so prevalent in American education, employment, housing, health care and criminal justice systems.


Take a stand. Answer the call for equality. Answer the call for civil rights. Join the oldest and boldest civil rights organization in the nation. Join the NAACP.


By renewing your membership with a Subscribing Life Member option, you can become one of the most important members of the NAACP family.


Youth members are some of the most active supporters in our ongoing efforts to protect, defend, and fight for civil rights.


The six NAACP Game Changers are the focus of the NAACP’s work that addresses the major areas of inequality facing African Americans.

As an NAACP Member, you can:


  • Work with activists and organizers in local NAACP branches
  • Support access to quality education, healthcare, economic opportunities
  • Advocate for laws and policies to improve your community
  • Participate in voter registration and get out the vote campaigns
  • Attend the Nation events and Regional conferences


Become a member of the oldest and boldest civil rights organization in America!