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Become a West Metro Sustainer by purchasing a Lifetime Membership!

Your membership in the NAACP and affiliation with our local unit will help fund initiatives to make a direct and positive impact in our ability to serve Douglas and Paulding counties.

Some benefits of “getting a life” :

  • The Annual Adult and Lifetime Memberships will include a monthly subscription to receive The Crisis Magazine. In 1910, W.E.B DuBois founded The Crisis Magazine as the premier crusading voice for civil rights. Today, The Crisis is one of the oldest black periodicals in America–filled with great, current and relevant information.


  • As a member of West Metro NAACP Branch, you will be recognized Nationally as a member.


  • A membership in the NAACP is your opportunity to give back to the organization that has done more to change this country for the betterment of people of color, women, and the disenfranchised, than any other organization in our nation’s history. Your membership in the NAACP makes you a part of a community that stands for the freedoms guaranteed in our nation’s constitution.



  1. Select your membership type from the list of "Annual  Membership Options" or "Lifetime Membership Options".
  2. Based on your selection,  a new tab will open to the corresponding "Square Pay Page", where you will pay for your selected membership.
  3. Once you have paid, fill out the "Online Membership Form".

You're in! Welcome to the West Metro NAACP!

Annual Membership Options
Lifetime Membership Options

*Junior Life Installment Plans must be paid in full within 4 years.

*Bronze Life Installment Plans must be paid in full within 5 years.

*Silver, Gold, and Diamond Life Installment Plans must be paid in full within 10 years.

Online Membership Form
Membership is the life-blood and power of the NAACP. We depend on our members’ generosity to insure the NAACP’s independence. Together, we will keep the flames of freedom burning bright!
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